Listed: Volume VI

Listed: Volume VI - Noelle  Adams Volume VI....Tick, tock, tick, tock.....The end is coming....or is it? Just when it looks like Emily is going to drift off into an endless sleep, blood work shows surprising results. Could Paul dare to hope??Of course! Happy ending here we come! The latest treatment is working! The virus has all but disappeared! How to celebrate? Let's have another wedding! Cause we're staying married!A short epilogue followed....Then a bonus of deleted scenes which I admittingly did not read. I was happy with the story the first time. :)Overall, I enjoyed this series. It was an emotionally fun journey, and the series of novellas was a great idea for this in my opinion. It was like watching a soap opera play out. To be continued....until next get my point. The characters were likable, if not the most infuriatingly blind sometimes...Check it out!