Fracture  - Megan Miranda 3.5 starsWhen you fall through the ice in the middle of a lake, death is always a possibility. When you fall through the ice in the middle of a lake and don't resurface for 11 minutes, death should be guaranteed.This is not the case for 17 year old Delaney, who was pulled from the icy water by her best friend Decker. Against all odds, Delaney woke up. Woke up from the coma she had been in for the last 6 days. Woke up from the coma that she was expected to be in for the rest of her life. Delaney suffered brain damage according to the MRI.....she should have been in a vegetative state. But she wasn't. And the doctor had no explanation.Something was different inside Delaney though. Strange tugging and pulling "itch" deep inside her brain.Then one day while studying at the library she meets Troy. Troy knows who Delaney is. But how???? The accident was never in the paper, but the town does talk so that could be it. Troy starts to show up in all the same spots Delaney is "pulled" to by the "itch" inside her brain. Troy has the answers as to what is happening with Delaney....he understands. He was once in a coma too.I enjoyed the premise of the book. Could someone really survive 11 minutes under the ice?? Could the icy water have protected the cryogenics? So little is really know about the human brain afterall....The relationship between Delaney and Decker drove me nuts though. If I were Decker, I would have told her where to go. Delaney was like a sulking, weight around his ankle. I'm surprised it wasn't him that was dragged to the bottom of the lake.... She would treat him like crap on one page and be asking something of him on the next. Not an attractive quality.Overall a solid read that kept me turning the pages. The premise alone is enough recommend this book :)As seen on:!/LostInMyYouth