Easy - Tammara Webber It all starts one night in a darkened parking lot behind a frat house. Jacqueline is accosted by a drunk aquaintance (Buck) who does not understand the word "no". Thank goodness for the super hot stranger that witnesses the entire attack and beats the living crap out of the assailant! While the stranger suggests he should call the police, Jacqueline refuses. She's embarrased and doesn't want to cause a seen for the entire frathouse to view. Bad choice Jacqueline.After that night, Jaqueline seems to run into this stranger everywhere. Eventually we learn the name of this stranger, Lucas, and slowly yet awkwardly they start to become closer. Lucas has many dark secrets, from the tatooed symbols and words across his body, to the jagged scars hidden by tats on his wrists. He is the tortured hottie.Here is my problem with Lucas though.....a beanie, jeans, cowboy boots, leather jacket, harley, lip piercing, tats, shoulder length hair....it just didn't work for me. His description didn't evoke any heart palpitations or giddy smiles....so I just had to tweak a few details in my head and voila! Ok, back to the story.......So Jaqueline continues through the semester dealing with Buck's unwanted advances. Her roomate Erin signs them up for a self defence class to teach them how to escape an attack and not feel helpless. Guess who one of the instructors is???? Yep you guessed it....Lucas. It isn't until Buck actually rapes another student that Jaqueline decides to go to the police. Lucas has given her the courage to realize that this was not her fault. She never asked for it. And Buck should NOT get away with it. Finally we learn about the demons that haunt Lucas.I applaud the author for writing about such an important subject. What I found distubing though, was how Jacqueline seemed more depressed, missed more classes after breaking up with her long time boyfriend Kennedy than she did after almost being RAPED. This book wasn't action packed, but the plot moved along at an even pace and held my interest well enough.As seen on: https://www.facebook.com/LostInMyYouth