Fallen Too Far

Fallen Too Far  - Abbi Glines Rarely does a sequel measure up to the first. I found this to be the case with "Never Too Far". This book was focused on the reprocussions from events that took place in the 1st book "Fallen Too Far". Although Rush was back, his alpha male character slowly became a crawling sob story. There were glimpses of the Rush I fell in love with.....but not enough to satisfy me. Blair's insecurities glared from the pages. Unlike the first book, both Rush and Blair share the narrative. I'm sure most would disagree, but I would have preferred to maintain the strong, badboy image than see his inner workings.Overall, it completed the the series. Questions were answered, loose ends tied up. I liked it....I just didn't LOVE it.Looking forward to the next book focussing on Woods...just hope the boy loosens up a little!As seen on: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/LostInMyYouth