The Madman's Daughter (Madman's Daughter - Trilogy)

The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd Have you ever read a book that you just don't want to end? That is what this book was like for me. I found myself reading as slowly as possible...stretching it out...dreading the final page.This is a new twist on the old story of Dr. Moreau. It is told from the POV of Juliet Moreau, Dr. Moreau's daughter. A sixteen year old forced to work for a living after her father disgraced the family and abandoned them. Dr. Moreau was a reknowned surgeon....a leader in his field, and accused of unspeakable crimes. It was scandalous.Juliet's father was presumed dead, until one day she came into information that questioned this. She begins a journey to find him that reunites her with Montgomery, a boy who served her family and disappeared at the same time as her father. Montgomery comes clean and admits that Juliet's father is in fact alive and living on a secluded island. Montgomery is only in London to gather supplies and then he will be heading back. Juliet insists she's going with him, and reluctantly Montgomery allows her.The long voyage begins and during which they come across a man in dinghy named Edward, almost dead, apparently the sole survivor of a ship wreck. He accompanies them to the island where Juliet is indeed reunited with her father. But something is not right.The island is full of deformed creatures. Creatures that are against the laws of nature. Creatures that were constructed by her father in a hidden laboratory. Part human, part animal. Dr. Moreau is a mad man.As Juliet comes to understand the horrific experiments her father has been conducting, things on the island become volatile. The creatures are regressing...the experiments have gone to far. As the islanders revert to their animal instincts, Juliet, Montgomery and Edward plan their escape. But nothing goes according to plan....the island holds too many secrets.The book is filled with twists and turns, action, mystery with a love story woven in. The pages are saturated with creepiness. I look forward to future books by this author. As a debut, this book was astounding. As seen on:!/LostInMyYouth