Ruby Red

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier Not a bad book overall...16 year old Gwyneth is found unexpectantly to carry the time travel gene that runs through her family. She must work with her male counterpart Gideon, to collect the blood of all 12 ancestors to close the circle.I found all the characters likeable, though I felt the main character Gwyneth read younger than she was supposed to be. (btw...the author really likes her names beginning with "g"....gwyneth, gideon, grace, glenda, saint germain, gordon gelderman, great great grandmother, great great great great grandfather....phew!). The plot itself was fast paced but I felt like I was just skimming the top of a potentially great story. Too many questions were either shrugged off, ignored when asked or left unanswered. The questions surrounding the birth of Gwyneth were resolved but really not hard to figure out.Still an enjoyable read and who knows? Maybe the questions will be resolved in the next book...I think I'll take the chance and find out.