The Raft

The Raft - S.A. Bodeen Robie Mitchell is heading back home to the Midway on a cargo flight that ends up in the ocean. Thanks to Max, the co-pilot, she safely makes it into the life raft. And so begins her struggle to survive. With no water or food provisions, Robie lives the next few days clinging to hope, grasping at straws and battling the terror of floating aimlessly in an ocean full of sharks.Eventually Robie washes ashore on a deserted island and awaits to rescued. As the days go by and hope dwindles she not only deals with constant hunger and thirst, but also the mental implications of her predicament.Although I like the premise of this book, I felt it could have been longer and frankly was irritated by some of the utter stupidity Robie displayed. The 2 stars were for entertainment value only. For example:"With all the birds, there had to be eggs on the island. But even if I did get the nerve up to eat one, there was no way to cook them.I stubbed my toe and reached down to pick up the blue culprit. A plastic cigarette lighter. I opened my hand and let it drop back to the sand. There were thousands of them on the beaches at Midway, and looking around, I saw them everywhere. Useless."Ummmm....excuse me...what?!?!? You can't be serious....I don't care how dehydrated you are. A lighter would have any normal person doing backflips.Note to self: If ever stranded on a raft or an island, DO NOT follow the logic in this book!As seen on:!/LostInMyYouth