The Invisible World

The Invisible World - Suzanne Weyn If you're going to market a book as "A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials", then shouldn't that be the focus of the book???Not in this case. To get to the trials, we first visited the ability to mind read and astral travel, then a journey from England to America that was cut short by a ship wreck in the Bermudas. The main character Elsabeth survives for days in the ocean in a barrel only to wash ashore and be introduced to a slaving community where she contracts yellow fever. After recovering, Aunt Honey who also has the abiltiy to enter others minds begins to train her. Of course Elsabeth finds love with one of the slaves....That is cut short however when the plantation owners return and trade Elsabeth to a relative in exchange for an unpaid debt that takes her to Salem. During that journey we meet Mary Carmen, a nun who sees visions of Saint Teresa. Elsabeth become a house slave in the parsonage....and FINALLY the witches come. A Demonic evil has taken over Salem. And Elsabeth is the one that brought it...The accusations of witchcraft then begin and the trials start....I can't even write a proper review for this book. It was just a big mess of ideas, topics and events. I was so disappointed. The book was just plain odd. Not one I would recommend.....especially if you expect it to be focused on the Salem Witch Trials.As seen on:!/LostInMyYouth