Sebastian's Poet

Sebastian's Poet - Kevin Craig Why don't more people know about this author? About this book? Because they should. It's a hidden gem.The story is told through the eyes of Sebastian, a boy who has never been able to embrace his childhood. Abandoned at a young age by his mother, Sebastian is left to care for his younger brother Renee and a depressed father. The situation is far from ideal for two young boys...the house a constant stream of bodies enjoying loud music, drugs and alcohol late into the night. Then one morning while Sebastian is tidying the remains of the previous night, he comes across a stranger passed out on the couch. A stranger who looks exactly like the face staring at him from the album cover on the coffee table. Enter Teal Landen.For some strange reason that Sebastian doesn't understand, Teal takes an interest in the boys. It's obvious that Teal has a history with Sebastian's father...we just don't know what that history is.As the years go by, Teal becomes more entwined with the lives of the boys and they come to love him as family. During this time, Sebastian's relationship with his father becomes more turbulent and Renee is in danger of following his dead end existance.It isn't until Sebastian is 15 years old that the mystery of Teal begins to unravel.....This is such a heartbreaking story. The writing feels so raw and honest, that you cannot help but become emotionally invested in the characters. I was extremely happy with the ending (there's a nice little surprise in there!) and felt the conclusion was appropriate to the tone of the book.I would defenitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good read or a new author to try. I can't wait to get my hands on more of Kevin Craig's work!As seen on:!/LostInMyYouth