Rebel Heart (Dust lands)

Rebel Heart - Moira Young The sequel to "Blood Red Road", picks up right where the first left off. But it takes an entirely different route. Though it it still action packed, the story itself focuses more on destiny, fate and feelings of the heart. We are introduced to a much more feminine Saba, one who second guesses herself and diplays confusion, teenage angst and weakness.We meet Molly, Ike's former love who becomes part of their entourage as well as DeMalo who is anything but what I expected. The situation and meeting between Saba and DeMalo was quite strange....I'm sure there's more to this story to come.And of course Jack. Jack has changed....or has he? That is something we wrestle with throughout the entire book.It appears there will be another book....Tommo's last words indicated a future storyline. My question is, is Saba pregnant??? And WHO'S will it be if she is??? Oh the stress and confusion of it all!! But it would make one hell of a storyline.....I can't wait!!!!!