Blood Red Road (Dustlands, Book 1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1) - Moira Young If there was ever a book that screamed "make me into a movie...LIKE NOW!!!" it is this one.The story is told through the eyes of Saba, twin of Lugh. Saba is on a mission to find and rescue her brother who was taken by the Tonton on orders from the King due to the fact that he was born under the midwinter moon. The King needs Lugh as a sacrifice and his death will be on midsummer's eve.Saba heads out right away, leaving her sister Emmi in Crosscreek with a family friend and begins the dangerous journey toward Freedom Fields where the King's palace is located. Emmi (who's 9) doesn't stay put however and ends up accompanying Saba, much to Saba's dislike.Then the story REALLY takes off....Saba and Emmi are captured and taken prisoner by a couple (the Pinch's). Saba is forced to be a cage fighter in Hopetown, if she doesn't co-operate, Emmi pays the price. She is quickly given the nickname "Angel of Death".....and for good reason. Saba never loses a fight. If you lose 3 fights, you run the gauntlet and the crowd kills you. This is not an option for Saba as she has to find her brother....until she meets Epona and the Freedom Hawks.Together they form a plan to rescue Sabba and Emmi......The story continues in heartpounding adventure. We meet characters, Jack, Ike, Ash, Maev and Tommo. Together they head for Freedom Fields in search of Lugh. I'm not going to rehash the rest, given that there are so many reviews already. But I will say this: READ THIS BOOK!!! You won`t be disappointed. The author has created a detailed world of the future, sucessfully incorperating details from the past (ie. the hillbilly way of speaking, the use of crossbows and horses) and making it work. The characters are not just likeable...they`re lovable. You can`t help but feel you are travelling with them, experiencing their fear, joy, sadness, pain......I can not wait to read the second book in this series!!!!!!!!!!!!