All Fall Down (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms)

All Fall Down - Christine Pope ***Recieved from goodreads firstreads***I really enjoyed this book and know just who I'll recommend it too!The plot was fast paced from start to finish. Merys, a member of the Order of the Golden Palm, is a trained healer who is captured by slave traders while tending to the sick in the village of Aunde. She is sold to Lord Shaine of Donnishold, where she quickly demonstrates her skill when she saves his daughter Auren. Life here isn't so bad, as Merys tends too the sick and eventually regains her freedom after saving Lord Shaine's life. Feelings start to emerge as Merys contemplates leaving but before she can decide the plague has reared its ugly face and noone is safe. Merys has to use all her knowledge to try to save as many lives at Donnishold as possible. There are deaths and there are miracles.....who lives, who dies? You'll have to read to find out. And what happens between Merys and Shaine...again you'll have to read!The author did a wonderful job with the subtle romance throughout the book. The characters were all well developed and I felt a sense of belonging to the Donnishold household, partly due to the fact that Pope's writing is so crisp and clear that the image painted is hard to ignore. The only part that I was a little disappointed in was Chapter 16. Just a little too far fetched for my liking. I would have liked Merys to come to these conclusions using her high intellegence and experience instead. This is a book that would make a great made-for-tv movie...a hallmark presentation perhaps??? I would certainly watch!!