Sever (Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Sever - Lauren DeStefano I have waited so long for this 3rd and final book in the Chemical Garden Trilogy. And it was so worth the wait!Sever begins where Fever left us with Rhine in hospital recovering from the horrific experiments inflicted by Housemaster Vaughn. Rhine is determined to find her brother, but also realizes she's not quite recovered enough to begin her search. Linden suggests she stay at his Uncle Reed's house. Reed is a little off the grid, but Rhine comes to like it there helping Reed with his random collections of gadgets. He even has an airplane hidden in his shed out back!Soon enough, Cecily and Linden come to seek shelter as well. Cecily has finally convinced Linden, that their son Bowen is in danger while under Vaughn's roof. They have also decided that they will be leaving Bowen in the care of Reed while they accomany Rhine on the search for her brother Rowen.From here the search leads us back to Madame's carnival featured in Book 2. We are shown a surprisingly different side of Madame that explains why she is the way she is. Everyone has secrets after all. But Rhine abandons Linden and Cecily here where they will have protection, while she continues on alone.The rest of the book is like following a ping-pong ball. Rhine finally finds Rowen. But Rowen is Vaughn's biggest supporter. His biggest fan. How is this possible? Why does he think Rhine was dead when Vaughn so obviously knew she was not? And where there is Rowen, there is Vaughn. Off to Hawaii....yes Hawaii. Another secret. Another piece of the puzzle. Rhine is confused beyond words. She is questioning the very foundation her life was built upon.Finally, Rhine and Rowen accompany Vaughn back to the mansion. Willingly. Shocking I know! Vaughn takes a private walk down to the basement with Rhine. There is a surprise waiting for that Vaughn uses to blackmail her. Vaughn wants Linden, Cecily and Bowen to return to the mansion. Rhine is being sent to collect them. Despite her misgivings, Rhine cannot say no.Back to the carnival, where Rhine has surprisingly no trouble convincing them to return with her. They have appeared to change their opinion on the situation....but have they really? One more stop at Reed's to pick up Bowen before heading back to the mansion once again. But tragedy strikes. A tragedy so great, that everything is now in limbo.....I am so sad that this series has come to an end! I enjoyed the 3rd book just as much as the first 2. It was such a consistently well written story, with well developed characters and a solid plot line all the way through. I can't wait to read Lauren Stefano's future endeavours....but it will have to be pretty spectacular to beat this!