The Green-Eyed Monster

The Green-Eyed Monster - Mike  Robinson 3.5 starsTwo baby boys, John Becker and Martin Smith, born at the exact same time, in the exact same hospital, on the night of a raging storm in Twilight Falls. Both boys have high intelligence, a strong competitive nature, bear a physical resemblance to each other even though they are unrelated. They are considered an oddity, a mystery - both are always within range of one another, but never interact together or with any of their peers. They are loners and don't seem to notice or care.Within the first few pages, Martin Smith has shot and killed John Becker. But why? Was it self defence or was it something more? This is the mystery that has to be unraveled.Mrs. Anne Chatsworth is the boys first grade teacher and describes what her classroom was like that particular year. The roster of students turned out to be abnormially advanced in all subjects taught. Even students that previously struggled in certain areas appeared to be thriving. Sure, John and Martin were rather strange, but they were exceptionally smart, and very creative. Mrs. Chatsworth requested an interview with both sets of parents to discuss the anti-social behaviour and competitive nature of both, as well as inquire about this "grandfather" these boys so often mentioned. She felt that the boys might be more suited for a school devoted to gifted children and the parents after some hesitation agreed. Once John and Martin were transferred out of the school things began to change. The class was not doing so well as a whole. Grades were dropping, work became sloppier and Anne herself ended up committing the unthinkable.Then we meet Harry Zwieg. Harry is a boy who enjoys video games and comics and doesn't have many friends. He joins the highschool newspaper and decides to write a series of compare and contrast articles about John and Martin. Everyone in the highschool knows of the boys...but noone really KNOWS the boys. They are still just as strange as they were in their younger years, and still a mystery to those around them. Things begin to happen for Harry during that year...good things at first. But that starts to change as Harry becomes more involved in the story of John and Martin. As John and Martin feverishly write an assignment in the library, Harry does the unthinkable.I found the book overall to be a very original story, one that took me by surprise and kept me reading until the end. In some places, I could feel the evil oozing out of the page, seeping between the words. It's creepy....very creepy. However, in other places, I found the explanation of it all to be confusing at first, and had to re-read several parts for it to sink in. The entire story is a dark tale and reminicent of an old "Twilight Zone" episode. I don't know if I'll ever look at a butterfly the same again.....Definitely worth picking up if you enjoy a mystery noir! :)*****received free from publisher in exchange for an honest review*****