No Safety In Numbers

No Safety In Numbers - Dayna Lorentz A little disappointed with this one. The synopsis sounded amazing. "150 stores 1 bomb".....right up my alley! The story alternates POV between 4 central characters: Lexi, Marcus, Shay and Ryan. Through their eyes we watch the plot unfold starting with the initial finding of the bomb.Marcus is being chased by Mike (a highschool football bully) in an underground parking garage...he's running, he's dodging cars, he's leaping cars....finally he finds somewhere to hide: inside the HVAC room. When he flips on the lights...SURPRISE!....a bomb awaits. and Marcus just happens to notice the small black box attached to the ventilation system.Lexi's family is out for lunch and a movie. Lexi is a gamer with no real friends. Her mother just happens to be the Senator. How lucky! Not for the people inside the mall....when the Senator is made aware that there is a bomb in the parking garage, instead of evacuating the mall (like every other person in the world would do), she orders a complete lockdown!!! What??!! ....AND she claims to have not known that proper protocol was to evacuate....again what?!?!!?Ryan is a budding highschool football star. His older brother Thad is...and Ryan is automatically in with the guys for just this reason. Enter Mike and Drew. 2 stereotypical jocks with more muscle than brains. Ryan decides to stick with them for protection, even if he doesn't agree with their tactics.Shay is a lonely girl who is at the mall with her Nani and sister Preeti. She becomes a caregiver to both and does what she can to ensure they both continue to be safe.There was soooo much potential with this plot, but I feel the author didn't fully grasp the opportunitites. The beginning calm, and the chaos that ensued over the next few days were unconvincing. Maybe I feel this way because as I read this I am suffering from the flu.....what are the chances??? LOL.....There is defenitely a sequel coming. In fact the book just ended. No resolutions, no real ending. More like you have to purchase the next chapter if you want to find out what happens. But alas....purchase it I shall. I mean, I have to find out what happens!!!Overall, a fun, easy read. Not an award winner, but entertaining just the same.