Clara Claus

Midnight: (Knight Blood #1) - Alexandra Lanc

3.5This was a perfect Christmas read. The author has created a cozy, festive, detailed North Pole in which we follow Clara Claus who recently just found out that the grandfather she has never met is the infamous Santa Claus. Since Clara will be spending the holiday's with her grandfather, and he is obviously busy this time of year, she is provided with a tour guide to show her around. None other than Jack Frost himself. The only thing is, Jack Frost is not doing this without a hidden agenda. This is his punishment for trying to destroy Christmas yet again. Jack figures by agreeing to be a tour guide, this will give him the inside access he needs to completely destroying Christmas for good. What he doesn't bargain for is falling in love with Clara......Clara is immediately drawn to Jack. His sour attitude and short temper doesn't faze her. Nor does the fact that noone else seems to like Jack. Clara only sees a well dressed boy, who is hiding something....and not just the fact that he hates Christmas. It's WHY he hates Christmas.I have to say, although I liked all the characters (especially Jack) the only thing standing in the way of me rating this book a solid 4 stars was Clara's questions. I don't think I've ever read a book containing a character that asks so many questions....why, why, why, why.....that and constantly second guessing everything....did he mean that? maybe he meant that. but what did he mean? that couldn't be what he meant....ugh!!!!!Overall, the best contemporary Christmas book I've read and I will defenitely follow the rest of this series!