Hollowmen (The Hollows Series)

Hollowmen - Amanda Hocking, Eileen Stevens I love this book almost as much as the first and was sad to see it end!The book begins 6 months after the first book ends. Remy has been used as a guinea pig in the quarantine undergoing horrific procedures which included numerous major surgeries without any form of anthestetic or pain medications. She has amazingly survived so far, but she won't be able to withstand much more.As luck would have it, Zombies have finally invaded the compound and everyone has evacuated. Remy barely makes it out as the medical team has left her for dead. But she does. When escaping the quarantine she meets up with the last group leaving: Boden, Daniels, Bishop, Nolita and Teddy. They decide to head back to the compound where Blue and Max previously fled to as they are in need of provisions and weapons. Remy has another motive as well. She needs to find Max and make sure he is safe.So once again the journey begins. Playing hide and seek with Zombies until they come to what was the compound only to find it deserted and burned to the ground. The town is destroyed. The Zombies have invaded and are swarming the place. They do however find Max, who has found a relatively safe shelter for the time being....and with him 6 year old Stella. Obviously the group can't stay here so they decide to move on and head to Canada, where it is colder and Zombies are hopefully fewer. So off they go. More Zombies, more death and lots of surprises along the way.In the end they do make it to Canada and find an abandoned vacation house than is unscathed and well stocked and this is where they ultimately decide to call home. It is not without dangers....there is still the occasional Zombie and stragler human who pop in but they have made a life out of what's left of this world.The author tied up the story in a very satisfying way, although I wish another book would be written in this series. I want more Remy. Did she ever have children? Did the children survive without medical care until adulthood? What is their life like in 20 years? Where will Serge fit in? I want to know!!