A Man of Distinction (Harlequin Desire)

A Man of Distinction - Sarah M. Anderson ****Won on Goodreads Firstreads****This book was a nice, easy, read: perfect for a lazy day on the couch. It is the story of Nick Longhair, a member of the Red Creek Lakota, who left his roots behind, put himself through school and became a respected lawyer in Chicago. Fate has sent Nick back to the rez though, on a case involving the suspected pollution of the river supplying the Lakota with their drinking water. Upon his return, Nick has discovered that his first love Tanya, has had a baby while he's been away. Nick's son Bear to be exact. Bear is a year old and does not make a sound. Unfortunately this is caused by the polluted water....Even though I found the story completely predictable, some of the reactions a little far fetched (Nick shows no real surprise or anger towards finding out he's a father) and very unoriginal (kept thinking of the similarities to Erin Brokovich) I actually enjoyed the book. Yes it had faults and but it captured my attention and kept me reading. Of course you knew it was going to have a happy ending....:)