These Things Hidden

These Things Hidden - Heather Gudenkauf Everyone has secrets. This book is full of them. The story centers around the events of one stormy July night 5 years prior....Allison is an over-achiever. She is perfect, or so everyone believes. But noone is really perfect are they? This appears to be proven when Allison secretly gives birth to a baby girl and ruthlessly throws the newborn into the river to die.Brynn is Allison's sister. She has always looked up to Allison, but always lived in her sister's shadow. But now Allison is in prison, convicted of manslaughter. Brynn was the only other witness the night Allison gave birth. Now she has to live with the fallout.Clare had tried unsucessfully to have a child for years. Then one day, her wish came true and she and she and her husband Jonathan were able to adopt a baby boy they called Joshua. Charm is a nursing student who came from a broken family. She lives with her step dad Gus, who is battling the final stages of lung cancer. How are these four women connected? That is the question. And it all comes back to that stormy July night 5 years prior...I loved how each chapter was written from one of the four women's pov. Each chapter was like a puzzle piece. The book was so well written the pieces seamlessly fit together, until the puzzle was fully revealed. And it wasn't the picture I was expecting to see.This was a great book that I highly recommend and I will definitely be looking for more by this author!!