Bones Are Forever: A Novel (Temperance Brennan)

Bones are Forever - ** I recieved this free from the Goodreads Firstreads program **I would actually give this a 2.5, but rounded up because I am positive there will be a ton of people who love this book. I however, was just not one of them.I was so excited to start this book - the synopsis sounded great! I should state that this was my first Kathy Reichs book. I have many friends who follow this series religiously and kept recommending that I try them.So Temperence Brennan is called in on a case where a dead newborn infant is found wrapped in a towel, hidden under a sink. 1 infant turns into 3. I should have been wiping tears from my eyes as she described these lifeless bundles. But I wasn't. I found Reichs a very unconvincing, unemotional and just plain cold writer. The inner pain Temperence was feeling....well I just didn't buy it.The story then forges ahead and takes us to Yellowknife. What started as a hunt for the killer of these newborns turns into a lesson of diamond mining in Canada. I literally felt like I was reading a textbook at times. The newborns were all but forgotten.Now for Temperence as a character. I just couldn't relate to her. She is obviously a very smart, educated woman. Or at least she is supposed to be. I'm not sure how many smart women would head to a forest at night after recieving a cryptic call to "come alone" without telling anyone. Or play peeping tom on an umplanned stakeout, again alone and without notifying anyone. Or go against police protocol and inform someone that their sister is dead before the police have confirmed it. You get my point. The ending was disappointing. This girl sure has a horse shoe up her butt.....lucky that hotel desk clerk Nina (you know, the one that willing gives Tempe a key to Ryan's room without permission?) just happens to be looking out the window....what are the chances!!!Overall, the book wasn't bad. It did have some interesting parts, some exciting parts.....they were just squished between the "shake my head" parts.