The Cat

The Cat - Edeet Ravel ****I recieved this book free from Penguin Exclusive Firstreads****What a journey...a journey no parent ever wants to take. "The Cat" by Edeet Ravel, propels the reader into one woman's grief over the loss of her 11 year old son. I found the beginning of the book slightly confusing, with Elise the central character, rambling on and jumping from one topic to the next....until my brain clicked in that this was written this way on purpose. The author was pulling us into the vortex of emotions of a grieving mother: sadness, fear, denial, anger, defeat. The fact that it was jumbled and confusing was just re-enforcing her state of mind. I thought the fact that her son's name is never mentioned and is only ever referred to as "my son" or "our son" was one of the most heart wrenching parts and spoke volumes. The ending of the book left me a little unsatisfied....I found it rather unrealistic and felt that it didn't match the tone of the rest of the book.Overall, the book was extremely well written and as the story progressed I enjoyed it more and more. This is a book that will linger in your subconscious long after you finish reading it.....This would make a fantastic Book Club read.Enjoy! :)