My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes)

My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes) - Luisa Weiss **I recieved this book free through goodreads firstreads!**There is something wonderful about getting to read a book before it's officially's like being let in on a juicy secret! And this was a wonderful secret!Firstly, let me say that I do not know how to cook. If it's not frozen with instructions on the box, I'm absolutely lost. But ironically I like to read about people who can in fact cook.Luisa Weiss however, makes me WANT to learn how to cook. The way she weaves her memories around certain foods and recipes has inspired me to try and give my own children some of those traditions."Be brave." That she was. I can not imagine my family living more than a quick car ride away, let alone scattered across the pond. The way Luisa took control of her life through trial and error is amazing. I wish I had her courage.I loved the cover art - it's appealing yet simple (and actually looks like my handwriting on the cover!)Overall, the best words I can think of to describe this book is COZY and COMFORTING. The fall/winter season is a perfect time to release it as it made me want to put on fuzzy socks, make a pot of tea and curl up under a blanket (even though this is the hottest time of year!) I only wish Luisa had included some simpler recipes for those of us who are cooking/baking challenged!