Seriously...I'm Kidding

Seriously...I'm Kidding (Miniature Edition) - Ellen DeGeneres I ever glad I found this book at a charity shop and only forked out $2 opposed to the cover price of $30!! It was an extremely short, easy read. My best advice is to borrow the book from a friend or library....the cost of this book can only be classed as a "cash grab".The book was of course funny in parts, but other parts flopped. For someone who devoted a chapter on the importance of recycling, Ellen certainly wasted a lot of paper between the children's colouring sheets, the blank pages and large font. Some chapters were only a couple of sentences long!The redeeming factor the of the book was the way it was written. You could hear her delivering each sentence in your head clearly.Overall, anyone who likes Ellen will probably enjoy the read. Just don't expect anything substantial and you won't be disappointed.