Bonnie (Eve Duncan)

Bonnie (Eve Duncan) - Iris Johansen "We see a little bit, but not the entire story. And no matter how hard we try, we're not going to be able to finish it until she's ready for it to be finished" (pg 46).....The above quote pretty much sums up how I felt through the first half of this book. I have followed the series for years and was very excited about finally finding out what happened to Bonnie. I was expecting a grand finale...something explosive! In reality, it was a review of everything we already new and the predictable chase that ensued. Disappointment.The only interesting aspect of the book was the secondary character Ben Hudson, and one can only assume judging by Iris Johansen's previous patterns, that we will most likely see him in a spin off book. The mystery surrounding Father Barnabas had promise with the implanting of memories scenario, but that storyline was quickly abandoned in favour of a much shorter and uninteresting outcome.The book did improve in the last half (thus why I gave it 2 stars) and I guess I finally know what happened to Bonnie. The bottom line is that I think I have outgrown this author and am tired of the same repeated plots. I can't say I will never read her books again, but I certainly won't be rushing to do so.