The Sugar Queen (Random House Reader's Circle)

The Sugar Queen - Sarah Addison Allen The story centres on Josey, a 27 year old who still lives at home caring for her aged, needy mother (Margaret) out of a sense of retribution for the way she behaved as a child. One day a 37 year old woman named Della Lee literally shows up in her closet, wet and wearing only one shoe. Della Lee encourages Josey to seek out a woman named Chloe who works in a cafe, has recently broken up with her boyfriend Jake and has books constantly stalking her. Throw Adam the mailman, Rawley the cab driver, Helena the superstious housekeeper and Julian the sleeze into the mix and you've found your way to Bald Slope!The story weaves together the lives of these characters and how they are all connected. I love how the author gives regular every day objects life, creating personalities for them. A book for example is not just a book....a book doesn't like to get wet and therefore doesn't like to come into bathrooms. A book is always there when you need it regardless of where you are. A book is sneaky, hiding in your cereal boxes in the morning. You just never know with this author but she has a way of writing these quirks into her stories making them completely believable and humourous.The book had a nice steady pace throughout, but in comparison to the other 2 books I have read by Sarah Addison Allen I found this one a little predictable and had the ending figured out fairly early on.Still a good read and would recommend Sarah Addison Allen to anyone looking for a new author to try!