One Night with her Best Friend  - Noelle  Adams

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get together with your best friend? Kate hasn't....but her best friend Aaron has. After a disasterous date night for Kate, the line is unexpectantly crossed between Kate and Aaron. Can they ever go back to being just friends? Or can they move forward and become more? Everything can change in one night.

A sweet little novella. I've come to realize that I enjoy reading author Noelle Adams on particularily stressful days. Her books might not be 5 star quality to me, but they certainly have their own appeal. They are light and fluffy and fun. No thinking required. A glass of wine and some pj's are all you need and you have a very enjoyable night.

I would like to see more confidence developed in Adams' characters though. They always seem just a tad wishy-washy in their abilities to make decisions. Misunderstandings and confusion appear on almost every page.

Overall a relaxing read. If you're looking to de-stress, check this author out!!