Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire

Yikes! What an emotionally disturbing roller coaster ride! Co-dependantcy issues, anger management issues, physical violence.....Let's just say I wouldn't want my daughter reading this book for fear that she would think that this was a "normal" or "healthy" relationship example! But it is fiction, so I'm going to put any morals I have aside and just admit....I LOVED IT!

Abby Abernathy has come to Eastern with her best friend America, to escape her dysfunctional make a fresh start. That plan goes south when she is introduced to the cousin of America's boyfriend Shepley. Travis is everything that Abby is trying so hard to avoid. 

Travis....what can I say? Every woman's deepest fantasy?

Quality Traits:


Add well built, rides a harley, covered in tats..... and yep! He's my fantasy! The alpha male at his peak. 

After throwing off Travis' attempts to "bag" her, they become "friends". Or at least that is the label that Abby has put on the relationship. The fact is, these "friends" are falling in love. And love isn't all roses and violins. Together Abby and Travis are perfect...separate they are lost. But the relationship is like riding down a pot-holed road...without your seatbelt on. Misunderstandings, jealousy...the classic love hate relationship. 

You just can't help but become immersed and emotionally involved in this story. With all their flaws and toxicity of their relationship, I still found myself routing for them. Still wanted them to be together. Still loved them together. Is that wrong? In real life Yes. In the world of fiction? No.

So grab the bottle of wine out of the fridge and don't make any plans. Hell, you might as well join the party. Because once you open this book, you won't be going anywhere until it's finished.

I can't wait to read this through Travis' POV!!!