Speak Easy - Melanie Harlow DEAR MELANIE HARLOW:



When I was child, I went through a phase where I wanted to be a mobsters wife when I grew up. This book totally spoke to that inner child!

Michigan 1920's..... Prohibition is in full effect. Tiny is 20 years old. Due to her mothers death, Tiny still lives at home to raise her two younger sisters, and help their father run his garage and bootlegging business.

Unfortunately, Tiny's father is taken hostage by the Difiores. A crime family who wants a piece of his business and profits...but Tiny's father ignored the letters and now Tiny must come up with a $10,000 ransom or else her father will lie on the bottom of the river. But Tiny has some help. Enzo Difiore is the son of Angel Difiore, head of the crime family. There is immediate and undeniable chemistry between them...it's impossible to ignore. And Joey Lupo. A relative of Tiny's sister Bridget's deceased husband who has recently allied with the River Gang...the Difiores rivals. Tiny also has a connection with him.

This begins a series of events that keep us on edge through every turn of the page. Speakeasies, bootlegging, well dressed italian men packing the heat....heaven!!

I couldn't put the book down. I encourage everyone to get a piece of the pie and pick it up!