Letters from Skye - Jessica Brockmole What begins as a letter from a fan, turns to a love story spanning decades.

Beginning during WWI, Elspeth Dunn, a reclusive poet receives fan mail from a Mr. David Graham. One response turns into a steady correspondence between the two sight unseen.

Over time, we find out Elspeth is in fact married, David becomes engaged, but through it all they continue to write. Slowly, they realize they have in fact fallen in love. But with Elspeth's husband Iain away at war, and David volunteering to drive ambulances behind the front lines, it is hard to imagine what the future may hold.

The story is told completely through the writing of letters written between WWI and WWII, and gives us a glimpse of the untold stories of those left behind to continue to live, while those on the frontlines fight.

If you enjoy reading this period in history, you will not be disappointed. It is a sweet story from an uncertain era. Happy Reading!