The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald I originally read this book in high school. I don't remember particularily liking it, but to be quite honest it was 20 years ago (omg!) and I really didn't recall any of the actual story. With the movie release, I thought I would give this classic another try. I am so glad I did. I have a much greater appreciation for this novel.

Nick Carraway is a young man from the west who moved east to West Egg to hopefully make his fortune in the bond market. His cousin Daisy, with husband Tom live on East Egg (the more fashionable side). There, Nick meets the intriguing Jordan, and the 4 of them begin to socialize.

Nick's elusive neigbour Jay Gatsby throws huge parties every weekend, but Nick is yet to meet him. There are many rumors about Gatsby: he killed a man for one. But what is the truth? Who is he and where did he come from?

When past and present collide, Nick finds himself in the middle of it whether he likes it or not. Until one fateful night, when a tragic accident (karma?) occurs and reality rears its ugly head.

In a world of snobbery, wealth and boredom, this novel captures a look at the shallow nature of people in general. The age old question: money or love? The power of lies and rumors. It is written in such a poetic way, that I had trouble putting it down.

I advise anyone who has negative memories of this high school mandatory read to give it another try. You might be pleasantly surprised by your reaction. I know I certainly was!