There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1) - Claire Contreras This was such a uniquely written book. I was pleasantly surprised!

Jumping between past and present, the story is told through the eyes of Blake. Blake is a young woman from a questionable past. She witnessed her mother's death, was taken against her will and brought up by a woman she calls "Aunt Shelley". Despite this, Blake finds love and happiness with her Aunt although nightmares and questions haunt her daily. After Shelley's death, Blake is once again moved into a new life, this one becoming her "family" of today. This is also where she meets Cole, the love of her life.

But questions need to be answered. And these answers are showing up on Blakes' doorstep. Why was she taken all those years ago? Is her father still alive? Who are these people following her?

Not just an NA, this book also contains mystery and intrigue. The plot was refreshing, taking the NA genre in another direction. Bring on book 2!