Life After Theft - Aprilynne Pike What happens to you after death? Especially when you know your not in line for angel wings? That's the question Kimberlee is faced with.

After her death, Kimberlee finds herself in limbo unable to move on. A girl from a wealthy family attending a private school, Kimberlee was a klepto. Now she thinks her "unfinished business" is to return everything to their rightful owners. There is only one problem.....Kimberlee is a ghost. Noone can see her. That is until Jeff.

Jeff is the new kid. For some unexplicable reason, Jeff can see Kimberlee. Talk to Kimberlee. Agrees to help Kimberlee.

And so begins the task of returning all the stolen items without getting caught. Not easy, considering Kimberlee was very good at what she did and there is a cave full of items awaiting him.

And that's the story. Pretty simplistic plot. No big surprises. No strange turns. Just a story of a ghost trying to move on.

Overall, I enjoyed the book but wish it has a little more "meat" in it.