The Silver Star - Jeannette Walls Sisters Liz and Bean have been moved from place to place by their mother who is "trying to find the magic". The girls are frequently left to their own devices as their mother chases her dreams. Then one day, a nosy neighbour begins to question the whereabouts of their mother and they are forced to flee. They head to their Uncle's house whom they haven't seen in over a decade. He takes the girls in and they find they rather like it there. Liz decides she and Bean need to find jobs to pay for some back to school clothing, since it looks like their mother won't be collecting them anytime soon. Against their uncle's wishes, the girls find employment from Jerry Maddox. Maddox is a controlling, domineering man who is known for hitting on woman all over town. Things appear to be going well, until the unthinkable happens to Liz.

In a town that is dealing with racial integration and some very antiquated and backward opinions, Liz endures a trial....and Bean has to face the fact that regardless how brave you are, justice is not always served...or is it?

Overall the book moved at a steady pace, yet it was slow. The storyline itself was a little on the dry side...their was no clear climax to the story. No surprises. To be honest, I expected much more and this book just did not deliver.