The Bet - Rachel Van Dyken Oh dear.

One girl, two brothers. Who will she choose? Kacey has grown up with them. She ends up dating Jake, and Travis ends up tormenting her. You know, like pulling her braids, putting a snake in her bed....that kind of stuff. But they are "grown ups" now and Travis has been in love with Kacey his whole life.

My issues with this book. The characters are all beyond immature. I was embarrassed for them. Not one knew how to behave like an adult. Secondly, the author's attempt at humour was way too much. Sometimes less is more. Apparently the author did not agree. I mean, who slips on a thong?? Thongs aren't slippery. I actually even tried an experiment to see if I could slip on a thong. But nope, couldn't be done. But Travis did it.

I know I'm the minority when it comes to my rating of this book, but I just couldn't find anything redeeming in it for me. If you're looking for a ridiculous, unrealistic, fluff read then this may be worth picking up.