The Girl Who Chased the Moon - Sarah Addison Allen Emily has arrived in Mullaby after the death of her mother. Her only living relative is her 8ft tall grandfather Vance. Until now, Emily has never known about Vance. Her mother never spoke of the past...and now Emily is about to find out why.

Julia was a troubled teen. But that was 20 years ago. She has come back to Mullaby with a 2 year plan: bring up the value of her dad's barbeque restaurant, sell it for a tidy profit and leave. But nothing is ever what we plan....

Win Coffey is a rather unique boy. He wears a linen suit and a red bowtie on his morning strolls through town, he's extremely handsome, and he does NOT come out at night. None of the Coffey's do. They haven't for centuries.

What I love about Allen's books are the whimsical way she weaves magic into her stories. Wallpaper that changes depending on your mood, ghosts fluttering in the yard at night, bake a cake with the window open and your loved one will find their way home.

If you haven't read one of Sarah Addison Allen's books before you really should. She has such a poetic way of writing that she captures the readers attention and transports them into a seemingly normal small town only to find it anything but. Everything and anything is possible.