It's a disaster all right.....

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire

I made a big mistake...and my rating reflects it.


Do not read "Beautiful Disaster" and "Walking Disaster" back-to-back. Why? Because I have literally just read the same book twice, the only difference being who was narrating. It took FOREVER to finish....mainly because I had to force myself to continue. No fun when you not only know EVERY aspect of the storyline, but it's still fresh in your mind. Maybe if I had let months go by between books I would feel differently. But I didn't.


"Walking Disaster" was written from Travis' POV. I was excited about this. I drooled over Travis in the first book.....but not in this one! While from Abby's perspective, Travis appeared the ultimate alpha-male, in this book, he appeared anything but. When he's not punching something, he's crying. Or drinking. Or stalking. It just doesn't appear sweet this time round. You can see the utter craziness in his head and it's very unbecoming. None of his decisions make sense. His reasons are lacking. Common sense missing.


The only new material in "Walking Disaster", is a short epilogue. Cheesy and far-fetched, I didn't find it in keeping with the tone of the book.


If you want to read this book, I'd recommend saving your money and getting it from your local library. If you're a huge Travis fan, I'd recommend skipping this book altogether.