If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch

"What happens in the woods, stays in the woods."

This is the motto Carey and her younger sister Janessa live by. The woods have secrets. It's also where these girls have called home for years. Carey's meth addicted mama hid them here in a dilapidated camper without electricity or running water, to protect them. Or so she says. The girls live on very little, have very little. Until one day, social services and the father Carey has been hiding from come to collect them. They've been found.

Now, as Carey and Janessa try to acclimatize to their new world, secrets are slowly coming out. Explaining themselves. Things are not what they believed. Nothing makes sense. Carey's father does not appear to be the monster her mama made him out to be. He's married to a wonderful woman named Melissa, who adores Janessa. He is also father to Melissa's daughter Delaney. Delaney thinks he's wonderful. 

This is a heart breaking tale of two sisters who find beauty in a world that has none. I loved how the story slowly unfolded, showing us glimpses of the past. Explaining what exactly happened in those woods. This book will keep you reading right until the very last page!