Going Vintage - Lindsey Leavitt

I was so disappointed with this one. It could have been great. The premise was great. The book was not.

Mallory has sworn off all technology after finding out her boyfriend Jeremy has been cheating on her with an avatar on "Friendspace" which is the equivalent of Facebook. While cleaning out her grandmother's house, Mallory finds a "list" which is basically a to-do list from 1962. Inspired by this list, Mallory is convinced that by simplifying her life, she will find happiness and success.

So she goes vintage. Gone is the internet and cellphone. Hello library and rotary dial. 

Although the story itself is cute, there really wasn't much to it. I wanted more. More details about life in 1962 other than finger foods and a pep club.

I could see this book appealing to a younger audience. Early teens maybe. For the more mature reader, save your money and move on.