Highlanders in kilts.....what's not to love??

The Seduction of Elliot McBride - Jennifer Ashley

This was the 5th book in the Mackenzie series, and believe it or not it, my favorite so far!

This story focuses on Elliot McBride and his new wife Juliana. Elliot is in constant battle with the dark demons of his past. Having gone as a young man to India to earn his fortune, he was captured and held prisoner for 10 months. While imprisoned in the bowels of the earth, Elliot was beaten, starved and constantly tortured.....for fun. His captors expected him to die. Waited for him to die. One thought kept Elliot fighting. Juliana. When he finally escaped his captors, he was nothing but a shell of a man. Most called him a madman.

In the meantime, Juliana has been engaged to Grant Barclay. On her wedding day, she is left at the alter. While seeking a quiet place to gather her thoughts, she quite literally stumbles upon Elliot dozing in a nearby chapel.

And so it begins. Can Juliana soothe the monster living within Elliot? 

I loved the characters in this novel. They were both likable and refreshing. Elliot was a character with so many flaws and such a tortured past, you could not help but root for him.

Any fans of the series will definitely be pleased with this next chapter!!!